Wednesday, 2 December 2015

CARE- Famous NZ. By Abdurrahman

Sonny Bill Williams is a Rugby Player for New Zealand. He was born in 1985. He spent his rugby career with lots of rugby teams. He competed in rugby league and union. He also played heavyweight boxing and won 6 bouts.

Sonny Bill Williams

CARE- Personal Passion. By Abdurrahman


Do you know how to play soccer? It is one of the best games ever. Let me tell you about the rules, some soccer players and formations.

One of the rules are to never use your hands except if you are goalkeeping or for throw-ins. Throw-ins occur when the ball get kicked out of the side of the field. For throw-ins you have to use your hands and throw the ball to a player. Another reason to use your hands is to  be a goalkeeper. Goalkeeping means to use your arms, legs or any other part of your body to block the ball from going in to the goalmouth. Corners are important because they happen when a player kicks the ball to their side to of the goal. Yellow cards and Red cards are dangerous. A player gets them when he tackles a player.

Now that you know some of the rules lets talk about some professional soccer players. My favourite is Wayne Rooney. He is number 10 for Manchester United and for England International. Other good players are Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and Lionel Messi.

One of the best soccer formations are 4-4-2. The formation 4-5-1 is mostly good for counter attacking. Formations such as 2-3-5 is not known what it is good for. 4-3-3 is mostly for counterattacking and having the ball more than the other team.

Now that you know the rules, formations and some famous soccer players. You can go and have some fun playing soccer. International soccer is about 90 minutes and there are about 11 players per team. Now you know how to play soccer and play fairly.


CARE- 3 Books. By Abdurrahman

Alan Duffy. By Abdurrahman

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Working With My Critical Friend. By Abdurrahman

Today I worked with Reon to check where I am in my reading. That means Reon is my critical friend. Critical friends helps check my work and take away mistakes. They also tell me what I need to improve